What Is FlatBill Friday?


Our belief is we can educate and inspire each other to achieve amazing and impactful results in a creative, fun, and entertaining way that isn’t institutionalized but promotes individual authenticity and ownership!  The combination of a FLATBILL hat and FRIDAY symbolize a mindset to work and achieve in all facets of life!


The FLATBILL hat reflects a fun and creative style that won’t be worn in most workplaces but is more likely to be seen in a casual setting. The hat usually includes a logo or brand that we like or identify with, a way to in some way express oneself.


Widely considered the most anticipated day of the traditional work week.   FRIDAYS also serve as one of the most important days of the week; we often have goals, deadlines, or quotas that we’re working to achieve by the end of this day. FRIDAYS symbolize a day we use to measure our performance and determine if we produced poor, good, or great results.